Dreams are not forbidden. That’s what we often are hearing and saying, but is that really true? Well, as concerns me, I’m not quite sure. My experiences are a bit different.

I had a dream – a vision – which was even more to become the reality when I’ve got known some people which I wanted to know for a very long time. They seamed to be friendly and glad to meet me and I surely was even more then glad that I’ve met them. But then one day all of a sudden that deream was taken from me. One single saying, one simple friendly deed (which obviously wasn’t considdered friendly at all) had broken it all.

So, yes, dreams can be taken from us very easily. It’s in our nature to have visions and dreams and we’re more then happy if they (at least partly) come true. But when one dream is taken from us, it’s very hard to dream a new one. It can be painful, because mostly we realize, that we were mistaken about some people, and dreams are falling apart because we were misunderstood, but usually no one wants to listen to us, when this happens.

Many times “taking” dreams from us is strongly connected with friendship and people you think they’re friends … and this kidn of dreams falling apart is even harder to bear … It’s like you would be in love with someone and then all of a sudden you’d realize that he (or she) doesn’t lvoe you at all, or like you would have a good friend (at least you think so) and then one day you’d realize he (or she) isn’t your friend at all … Dissapointments, unsincerity, even lies … that’s what usually makes your dreams to fall apart …

The recovery is hard and you need a lot of will, energy and belief that you’ll succeede to regain yourself, your soul … But when you finally come to lift yourself again, to belief that you can still make your dreams come true, then you can have even greater ones. You are strong and more determined to make at least some of your dreams come true …

So, even if you know that dreams can be taken from you very easily, dream on … You have to have some visions and dreams which you can live for, because that way, you’ll be able to do what you want in your life. If you have no dreams, the life is empty and you have nothing to live for … it’s not neccessary that you have big dreams like you would be the saviour of the world or something like that. When you’re young and have all your life ahead, even a dream (or wish – as you like to put it) to have a pleasant home, good husband or wife (or partner) and fine, well educated kids, is dream big enough to live for …

So, never stop dreaming!

With love!



Happy new year!!!

When the midnight will pass on the last day of this year,
forget all the bad things they were,
remember the good ones which ocurred,
and happily begin the new year!
I wish you a happy and most of all healthy new year with all my heart!

Colorful life

Did you ever think about what colorful life suppose to be? What this is at all? Is this the life full of colors or maybe fully lived life? Yes, it can be both and much more.

More and more I believe that colors are very important in our life and that they and their combinations can have the crucial influence on it. And colorful life means this as well – the right relationship between the colors in it, because colors are energy and it has to be in just right combination as well.

I also believe more and more that every color doesn’t have the same influence to every life, just like every energy isn’t good or bad for each of us.

It’s wrong (at least as concerns me) that we swear only to one color, as it can happen very easily that it finally turns agaisnt us, because we’re overloaded with it just like we can overload ourselves with the energy …

So, colors have to be a part of our life, those jolly (like rainbow) and those a bit less jolly – all of them – black and white as well (though they’re not colors)…

Let me tell you an example: I was swarn to green color, as green as grass most. I’ve put it into my life everywhere and I was a bit pushy sometimes already with it, till it one day turned against me. It was too much of it in my life and bad things started to happen… I’ve spent a lot of time and many unpleasant and bad things had to happen before I finally realized this. But I didn’t totally kick it out from my life. It’s still present, but only where it comes spontaniously and unforced. So all the colors have to rule our life.

And what else colorful life is? Varity. Colorful life is doing various – a lot of different – things, being interested in a lot of things, receiving what the life is offering to us, but giving as well. Yes, receiving and giving is part of colorful life too.

Is colorful life in relationship with money? With material things we have? No. Colorful life is friendship, love, loyalty, honesty, sincerity, ability to help and also ability to receive help when we can’t or we don’t know how to go futther. Colorful life are the people we love – family, relatives, friends… and colorful life are we as a family member, a friend, a relative, maybe good listener and adviser. If we are capable of giving, forgiving, being sincer and honest, overcomming anger and hard feelings… then we live the colorful life. We’re like rainbow which never ends… and when we’re no more, that rainbow still remains…

Holidays, gifts and wishes

Yes, here are holidays again, the ones which should be most pleasant, jolly and happy, but for many they’re unfortunatelly not. We’re often rushing our own ways even on such times and don’t even look to those who have no reason for cellebration. Yes, many people are like that. They have no normal conditions for living, they have no food and their eyes are often in tears. A lot of people are lonely on Christmas and sometimes even the whole faith they have doens’t help much.

And we? The more we have the more careless we are, at least most of us. We think about money so often and our gifts to one another are very often shiny and expensive, but is that really neccessary? Do we really always give what we really should with those gifts? I think not. Sometimes we can give more without them. If we have enough of love and understanding for all the people, this can be the greatest gift of all, especially on the holidays like these.

Christmas is comming and then New year. H0w many times did we promise to ourselves that we’ll be different in new year? New year, new beginning, new me… Yes, for some time and then after a month or two we notice that we’ve got on our old ways again. Are we capable of unconditional love, especially toward kids? I don’t know for you, but concerning kids, I am capable of that. I was hurt in this year a lot by them, but I still love them all.

Christmas and New year aren’t suitable only for cellebration. No, they’re suitable for doing some revision upon past year and its happenings and getting some conclusions about how to go further. I often do some kind of revision on the last day of the old year or the first day of the new year and I always establish that I could do more, could be better person, could do a lot of things different… What about you? Are your conclusions the same?

Oh, yes, I’m always trying to be better person, to learn something from bad happenings – which this year weren’t so rear. And I’m very aware that I didn’t acheeve what I should as yet. No, there’s still a lot of “work” to do.

Often our wishes are more or less material, directing toward ourselves and our family members. Material things are a bit important in our lives, that’s what I hava to admit, but this isn’t all. We often have too many wishes. This year I have only a few: to live a dicent life with my husband and son; to have some more money so that I (and my husband) could give some more careless and pleasant life to our son; to restore friendship with some people (kids mostly) which broke up in the middle of this year and I don’t really know why; to live in peace and prosperity so I could be able to help with my donations in future as well. And one big wish: No one should be alone, not only on such holidays, but through the whole year, through the whole life.

I wish my love toward those who abandoned me would be recognized at last and I would be able to talk with those I hold dear again.

Yes, these are my wishes and nothing more. Do I have too many of them? Maybe, but they are not only for me, they’re for the whole World as well.

It’s not Christmas yet, but I’ll wish you anyway: Merry Christmas and A happy new year! Whatever your wishes are, if they’re good, I wish they’d come true. Be happy and let the others to be happy as well.

Sincerely yours


If I could be…

Yes, if I could be a Toa, like this on the picture, I would make this world better. All the people would be friends and no wars and catastrophes would happen … if I could be that One …

But we all can be this One after all. We all can make this world better and the first step to gain this is true and honest friendship.

So remember – always be honest and true yourself and you’ll find that One in you … When you find that One in you, express this to the world …

I believe all people are good just if they want to be and if we allow them to be …

This is the beginning of my “blogging” here. Some may say it’s bullshit, some may like it – I’m allowing both …

Yours Tatjana