Thoughts About… is blog dedicated to present some thoughts about daily happenings which concern me one way or another. In this blog you’ll be able to read various things from thoughts about time and how fast (or slow if you want) this globe is spinning and all the way to thoughts about kids, colors, Christmas and more.

This blog present thoughts about general, globally oriented things. There are no local or to foreigners unknown things and so I believe it’s universal – it’s for everyone to read.

Will you agree with my thoughts or not I don’t know. However if you don’t agree with my thinking and thoughts and are determined to live a comment I appeal on you to do this without insults, bad language or eve accusations. Everyone has the right to have and express their own thoughts as long as they’re respective and not insulting.

Thank you for stopping by and if you stop for more then just a glance and read an article or two, then I thank you even more.

For all those who are from my country – Slovenia – with clicking on “Slovensko” link at the bottom of each article you’ll be able to read it in your (my) native language – Slovene.

Tatjana Prelog


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