Did your kid ever asked you: “Pap, mom, read me a fairy-tale.” Did you read one? Or you maybe just answered: “Not now, it’s too late.” or “Not now, I don’t have time for this. Maybe later.” and then there was never that “later” at all. I admit, 3 or 4 years ago I’ve sometimes – but really only sometimes – gave the same reply, but more then my son is growing, more I’m aware of how precious such moments are, which parents just shouldn’t let them pass by. Well, it happens sometimes that we really don’t have the time or we just aren’t in the mood for reading. That time we really can do an exception and don’t read the fairy-tale, but not because we wouldn’t have the time, but because we’re just too tired for this or we maybe even don’t feel well at the momment. If you explain this to your kid proper way, he’ll surely understand and won’t bother too much anymore.

I like to read fairy-tales, I like to read them aloud and I like to read them to my now already 8-years old son. And not only fairy-tales, but also children’s poems which are so cute sometimes, that you just have to read them. I like to read to my son and I would like to read the fairy-tales to all of the kids of this world if I could because I know that in many places children simply don’t know what fairy-tales are as no one has the time to tell or read them to them or there’s no one to do that for them as they’re there somewhere out there alone on the whole world, abandoned and lonly. I think about this – probably just somewhere in my mind though – quite often when I read the fairy-tales and poems from some “Ciciban” or the book which was read already thousand times, but is still great for reading, to my son at the evenings before going to bed. Often the tears come into my eyes and actually I even don’t know why is that. Fairy-tales are what brings me back to my childhood. They are what makes me to become tender and awake that – those last two or three years intentionally so subdued – love toward kids in me.

Kids simply have to have fairy-tales. This is their world, the world which no one should ever take from them. Beautiful fairy and always so just world which we all outgrow too soon. But why? I like to read fairy-tales even if I don’t read them to the kids, but for myself. Why not after all? Why we wouldn’t run away from this our tough dally life, which is for a lot of people not roseate at all in some other, pretier world, although only for that 1, 2, 70, 100, 200 or I don’t know how many pages. Fairy-tales are, what makes kid’s world rich, sets forth their imagination and fills their spirit with infinite energy which adds wings to their creativity.

The evening which ends with a fairy-tale which we read to our kid is beautiful. It rocks our kid to sweet dreams and gives to us kind of inner warmth, the feeling, that we’ve done something good for our little ones. And as we read, we aren’t even aware, that we alone are writing the most beautiful fairy-tale ever written – fairy-tale about happy kids to who moms and dads read the fairy-tale with love and with that rock them every evening into sweet dreams. Fairy-tale about how the golden bond of love is waved inbetween us – parents – and our little ones who we love endlessly.

Don’t say “I don’t have the time …” if possible, but read the fairy-tales to your children and you’ll see that it’s something most beautiful to be together, sit quietly and listen … or read with all your love to your children … A FAIRY-TALE.