There was a time when I thought that kids can make me happy, that they can’t lie and are the most sincer creatures of the world, that they really like me and want my company. Yes, that’s what I thought and they really were a big inspiration to me for all kinds of projects I had in mind to give the kids something new and interesting. And my happiest times were those, when I’ve translated some books for Slovene children, played one most popular game with my friends on one most popular site, wished so eagerly to get known with some of those friends I’ve played with etc.

Then one day came the time when this really happened. I’ve “met” some of those friends and was even invited to one forum where I really felt at home and wanted. I thought I’ve met the dreams of my life – to be useful to some kids, to be their friend! This could never end I thought.

And then one day, when less expected, there came the truth out. I was acussed of being something I am not and I will never be, without any possibility of proving the oposite. At that particular momment I knew: I was betrayed. How many lies were said even before? How many insincerity was in their friendship so they all abandoned me? I was banned from that forum, blocked on messengers, joked out by many behined my back … And I thought kids can’t lie and are the most honest people one could know …

Well, I know all the kids aren’t liek that, but still … it’s painful when you realize that even single hello to those you hold dear can be neglected with such power of rejection, when you realize that your projects are for nothing and are held for themselves , when no one cares, even though they say they do, when they all of a sudden don’t have time even to reply with simple hello to yours one …

Yes, kids can be very unjust, insincer and very unkind, even mean … I know they have changed me in total. I thought I know with kids, especially when my own son was born, but now … I’ve regained some of my will for doing something for kids, like creating special webpages, translating etc … but I’ll think very carefully before dealing with kids in person. Normally besides simple reply to theri hello, there will be nothing anymore. I won’t be their crying sholder, advisor or whatever, even a friend … no, I’ll be just some woman who answers to their greetings and nothing more … Though being all this before, I was betrayed and part of me was “destroyed” and that’s something what I’ll try not to allow to happen again …




One thought on “Kids

  1. I just wanted to warn you about your friend Bull Die Young, Stefan Cofie…He is a liar and a scammer. I was vulnerable and he played me like a a couple hundred bucks outta me Just wanted to tell you to beware.

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