Did you ever get the feeling that time is running faster and faster, that the World is going around faster as we like to say? I often have this feeling and I don’t know exactly if this is only a feeling one gets sometimes or is this really so. I have my own theory about this which may be totally unlogical, … or maybe not? The theory is the result of thinking about positive and negative, darkness and light, about the messuring of time and about the corse everything is spinning. It’s not neccessary that you agree with it as I never have proven it scientifically.

Well, let’s take a closer view to this (strange) theory of mine. As you already know, or you’ll find this out just now, the majority of things is spinning in the clock direction. I believe that this is the direction of propelling the time. If something is spinning into this direction, we say it’s spinning forward. Did you get it already? Not yet? Let’s go further. What spinned forward in old times and most of all what spinned at all? Everything, you’ll say. Yes, maybe, but think closely and you’ll find out that it was much less of this “everything” that times. There were no computers and the rest of the digital technology, which is spinning today with enormous speed, hardly believable for us. That “everything” what existed in the history, spinned much slower. Did you get it already? More and faster and always – ummm, well almost always – only forwards – in clock direction. When we switch the computer on, the discs start to spin around with enormous speed – forwards. The propeller in the dishwashing machine which splashes water around spins slower, but still – forwards. Kids dance in the circle very slow, but mostly – forwards. We are writing from the left to the right, what basically means in the clock direction – forwards… When you turn around maybe to see who is behined you, you probably usually (pay attention) turn rights. And we could find some more examples. Well, as you see, on this world everything is spinning and besides exceptions, everything is spinning forwards … forwards … forwards. Everything spins forwards and propel the time to run faster and faster as more and more things spins faster and faster. It’s probably clear to you now what I mean.

The space consists from dimensions and energies and one of them is time. As it’s possible to change and travel through every dimension, I believe the time is no exception and one day the movies about time machines and travelings through the time won’t be science fiction for propelling our imagination anymore, but (maybe cruel) reality.

And now, let’s spinn a bit into left direction, that means backwards – in the oposite clock direction. Do you believe that it’s possible to stop the time or maybe even spin it backwards? Think! If that “everything” what today spinns in forward direction with such enormous speed, all of a sudden start to spin beckwards? We would stop the time, but we wouldn’t turn it backwards yet. To spin the time backwards we would need to spin this “evferything” with the doubled speed but we would hardly move somewhere … Yes I believe this is possible, but would you really want this to happen? We say to ourselves sometimes: “Oh, if I could turn time back …” You would do nothing. Everything would be the same, over and over again. If we’re only a bunch of energy which got soem kind of “real figure” form in this endless space, then you can maybe imagine what would happen with returning back in time. No? Did you ever have the situation when your computer simply has written on the screen that kind of error occured and you’ll lose the data you’ve just enterred in? If you work with the computers, you surely did. The data had been lost and the programs have shut down and you were mad as your work was for nothing and you’ll hae to do all of it again. Now imagine this univers is one big computer, where everything works normally as it should until one day such error occurs… And we’re in the middle of the way through the time. We’re a bunch of energy which should at the end of our journey be transformed into the shape we were in that particular time we’re going in. Oh, no, I am not inventing some kind of Fraknenstein monster, but … I presume we wouldn’t exist in too “pleasant” and “comfort” form. Hmmmm … and there would even be no one who would be mad because of lost data and to try to repair the things …

So the phrase that the time is running faster and faster isn’t only a bunch of empty words, which we usually use when someone blames us for not calling or visiting him for a long time, but cruel reality. And in the fload of everything on this world what spinns forwards faster and faster, we even are accelerating the time by ourselves.

This for you stop sometimes and don’t rush too much. And mostly … try to turn some things left sometimes and the time will maybe start to run slower for you … But watch out! Let it not run so slow that you’ll lose the touch of reality if we can say reality to this life we’re living. It seams many times to me that Matrix movies aren’t only a fiction, but that we’re living in one of such matrixes … Well, about the dimension we call reality, some other time …

Let me wish you only a beautiful and not too fast day at the end. You know this slogan, by us known mostly from the road traffic: The rush is regrettrable… Many times this is absolutely true … Well, good luck!





There was a time when I thought that kids can make me happy, that they can’t lie and are the most sincer creatures of the world, that they really like me and want my company. Yes, that’s what I thought and they really were a big inspiration to me for all kinds of projects I had in mind to give the kids something new and interesting. And my happiest times were those, when I’ve translated some books for Slovene children, played one most popular game with my friends on one most popular site, wished so eagerly to get known with some of those friends I’ve played with etc.

Then one day came the time when this really happened. I’ve “met” some of those friends and was even invited to one forum where I really felt at home and wanted. I thought I’ve met the dreams of my life – to be useful to some kids, to be their friend! This could never end I thought.

And then one day, when less expected, there came the truth out. I was acussed of being something I am not and I will never be, without any possibility of proving the oposite. At that particular momment I knew: I was betrayed. How many lies were said even before? How many insincerity was in their friendship so they all abandoned me? I was banned from that forum, blocked on messengers, joked out by many behined my back … And I thought kids can’t lie and are the most honest people one could know …

Well, I know all the kids aren’t liek that, but still … it’s painful when you realize that even single hello to those you hold dear can be neglected with such power of rejection, when you realize that your projects are for nothing and are held for themselves , when no one cares, even though they say they do, when they all of a sudden don’t have time even to reply with simple hello to yours one …

Yes, kids can be very unjust, insincer and very unkind, even mean … I know they have changed me in total. I thought I know with kids, especially when my own son was born, but now … I’ve regained some of my will for doing something for kids, like creating special webpages, translating etc … but I’ll think very carefully before dealing with kids in person. Normally besides simple reply to theri hello, there will be nothing anymore. I won’t be their crying sholder, advisor or whatever, even a friend … no, I’ll be just some woman who answers to their greetings and nothing more … Though being all this before, I was betrayed and part of me was “destroyed” and that’s something what I’ll try not to allow to happen again …