Dreams are not forbidden. That’s what we often are hearing and saying, but is that really true? Well, as concerns me, I’m not quite sure. My experiences are a bit different.

I had a dream – a vision – which was even more to become the reality when I’ve got known some people which I wanted to know for a very long time. They seamed to be friendly and glad to meet me and I surely was even more then glad that I’ve met them. But then one day all of a sudden that deream was taken from me. One single saying, one simple friendly deed (which obviously wasn’t considdered friendly at all) had broken it all.

So, yes, dreams can be taken from us very easily. It’s in our nature to have visions and dreams and we’re more then happy if they (at least partly) come true. But when one dream is taken from us, it’s very hard to dream a new one. It can be painful, because mostly we realize, that we were mistaken about some people, and dreams are falling apart because we were misunderstood, but usually no one wants to listen to us, when this happens.

Many times “taking” dreams from us is strongly connected with friendship and people you think they’re friends … and this kidn of dreams falling apart is even harder to bear … It’s like you would be in love with someone and then all of a sudden you’d realize that he (or she) doesn’t lvoe you at all, or like you would have a good friend (at least you think so) and then one day you’d realize he (or she) isn’t your friend at all … Dissapointments, unsincerity, even lies … that’s what usually makes your dreams to fall apart …

The recovery is hard and you need a lot of will, energy and belief that you’ll succeede to regain yourself, your soul … But when you finally come to lift yourself again, to belief that you can still make your dreams come true, then you can have even greater ones. You are strong and more determined to make at least some of your dreams come true …

So, even if you know that dreams can be taken from you very easily, dream on … You have to have some visions and dreams which you can live for, because that way, you’ll be able to do what you want in your life. If you have no dreams, the life is empty and you have nothing to live for … it’s not neccessary that you have big dreams like you would be the saviour of the world or something like that. When you’re young and have all your life ahead, even a dream (or wish – as you like to put it) to have a pleasant home, good husband or wife (or partner) and fine, well educated kids, is dream big enough to live for …

So, never stop dreaming!

With love!