Colorful life

Did you ever think about what colorful life suppose to be? What this is at all? Is this the life full of colors or maybe fully lived life? Yes, it can be both and much more.

More and more I believe that colors are very important in our life and that they and their combinations can have the crucial influence on it. And colorful life means this as well – the right relationship between the colors in it, because colors are energy and it has to be in just right combination as well.

I also believe more and more that every color doesn’t have the same influence to every life, just like every energy isn’t good or bad for each of us.

It’s wrong (at least as concerns me) that we swear only to one color, as it can happen very easily that it finally turns agaisnt us, because we’re overloaded with it just like we can overload ourselves with the energy …

So, colors have to be a part of our life, those jolly (like rainbow) and those a bit less jolly – all of them – black and white as well (though they’re not colors)…

Let me tell you an example: I was swarn to green color, as green as grass most. I’ve put it into my life everywhere and I was a bit pushy sometimes already with it, till it one day turned against me. It was too much of it in my life and bad things started to happen… I’ve spent a lot of time and many unpleasant and bad things had to happen before I finally realized this. But I didn’t totally kick it out from my life. It’s still present, but only where it comes spontaniously and unforced. So all the colors have to rule our life.

And what else colorful life is? Varity. Colorful life is doing various – a lot of different – things, being interested in a lot of things, receiving what the life is offering to us, but giving as well. Yes, receiving and giving is part of colorful life too.

Is colorful life in relationship with money? With material things we have? No. Colorful life is friendship, love, loyalty, honesty, sincerity, ability to help and also ability to receive help when we can’t or we don’t know how to go futther. Colorful life are the people we love – family, relatives, friends… and colorful life are we as a family member, a friend, a relative, maybe good listener and adviser. If we are capable of giving, forgiving, being sincer and honest, overcomming anger and hard feelings… then we live the colorful life. We’re like rainbow which never ends… and when we’re no more, that rainbow still remains…


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